Quantification of the risk to the transport infrastructure of the Czech Republic by natural hazard

The primary aims of the TRISK project are as follows:

  • Gathering historical data and a building database about road and railway destruction caused by natural hazards in the area of Czech road and railway networks.  We have been collecting data for the entire road network as of 1997  and have even older records, up to the 1940s , for selected areas. This database allows us to estimate the use of spatial analyses, e.g. the risk of road damage due to landsliding.

  • Estimating the probability of natural hazard occurrence in close vicinity to roads or railway tracks. We only focused on the most probable and the most common natural hazards which occurred in the Czech Republic. They include floods , landslides  and heavy snowfall.

  • Identifying the weakest links  for each of the 14 Czech regional road networks using network analyses. The weakest links are those roads which, when damaged, cause the most serious impact on traffic and area accessibility.

  • Quantifying road network vulnerabilities.

  • Quantifying risks  as a function of both the vulnerability and the probability of natural hazard occurrence for each of the road links in the Czech road network.


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